Datasoul rocks :-)

Tonight (Tuesday) I was using Datasoul again (see 42: Datasoul – Free Open Source Church Presentation Software & 42: Datasoul: my first live use).

This time for a fresh expression of Church called AbodA in Thrapston. In preparation I again found adding the songs very quick and easy.

However, when it came to the actual worship I found another useful feature. I ran Datasoul on my laptop running Ubuntu 9.10 with an extended desktop onto the projector. Datasoul makes that very easy but also gives control over the monitor screen. By positioning the monitor screen on one side of the laptop with datasoul itself on the other I got a great layout for the lead singer. She had the words and could also see what was coming up and so could control the worship with the remote presenter.

All I need next is a foot pedal and any of the musicians could control the service.

Mind you another option to try is connecting a screen via HDMI, maybe I can then run the monitor on multiple screens for the band.

Very cool!

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