17 years

Today is our wedding anniversary, 17 years!

We are celebrating by sending the two older boys off to Scout Camp. So the coming week will be very quiet.

Neither of us are very into making a big thing of these events and 17 is not a very round number. It does seem quite a big number, we must be getting very old but it does not feel anything like that long. It would be nice to pretend that we met and married really young however given that we met in my last year at university (and Jane’s first) it isn’t really true.

Anyway a day of jobs around the house ahead plus finishing polish on the service I am taking tomorrow. Maybe the 3 old us will have a nice dinner tonight watching Lance Armstrong win the final time trial of Le Tour de France (we are sooo romantic ;-)

4 thoughts on “17 years

  1. DaveW

    In the end we went out for dinner to some friends, got to watch their new 10 week old kitten ignoring the expensive toys giving preference to bits of string and best furniture ;-)
    Also just realised that in a couple of months I will have known Jane for exactly half my life (the better half of course!).

  2. DaveW

    and John in my defence I would like to point out that I am quite confident that I am the best husband Jane has ever had!
    Ok so given that I am also the only husband she has ever had it might not mean quite so much ;-)


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