22 years and counting

Today (Friday) was our 22nd wedding anniversary. It does not seem like it but I met Jane nearly 25 years ago at the Manchester University Ecumenical Society. Our 22 years together have been and continue to be a joy.

We had a lovely day. Jane finished her job as a Learning Support Assistant yesterday and it is my day off. So once our youngest son had disappeared for his last day at school in Raunds we went back to bed ;-)

Sometime later we emerged and after a very short token attempt to do a few jobs we went out for lunch together at Stanwick Lakes, it was extremely romantic sitting outside on the decking over the lake eating Jacket Potatoes with Tuna Mayonnaise :-)

As it was the last day of term School finished early so we dashed off to Syston, just north of Leicester, where we will be moving very soon now. On the way we collected Mum from the Methodist Home in Oadby and just about arrived in time to meet Pete, the Circuit Steward who is looking after the moving process.

We saw the very rapid work being done on the manse to prepare it for us. Particularly adding a loo downstairs so Mum can visit (I think it is essential anyway if you are going to have visitors that they should not have to go upstairs into the bedroom area to use the toilet). The old drive is gone and the new one will be put in this weekend. In the study there are 6 new Billy bookcases, freshly assembled !!! :-) The wiring is going in (at our expense obviously) so that I can safely use a MIG Welder in the shed we will be putting in. Our predecessors have left the whole house looking very clean and nice, the boys enjoyed planning their new rooms – much easier now they are empty. while there we were also able to collect a whole load more boxes to pack :-(

Then we all went out for a meal at the Hobby Horse to celebrate our anniversary, not been there before but will go again I am sure.

After that we took advantage of the long light evening to have a quick look around to see if we can find a cycle route to Wanlip Sailing Club. We left hoping they can allow access through the locked gate on Meadow Lane (running west from Syston) as otherwise it requires you to ride on the A46 dual carriageway. Otherwise Roundhill Sailing Association is also handy but they only seem to sail on Sundays which is not much good.

Anyway, we then went for a nice walk in the northern part of Watermead park (round King Lear Lake), very wheelchair friendly and looks like a really nice place to go that is very close to home. I can see it being a very popular place for a gentle evening bike ride as well as a route I'll be using a lot to get to Leicester City Centre and to Rachel's manse (the Superintendent minister) at Birstall.

Then we dropped Mum off, never a quick operation :-) still we were home by 10:30pm.

The result is that I am looking forward to the next 22 years with Jane.

5 thoughts on “22 years and counting

  1. Gary (gerrardus)

    It’s very odd for me, and that I’ll be able to wish you well as you leave the Nene Valley Circuit (where I live) and simultaneously welcome you to Syston, where I work! Doubly odd since we’ve never met!
    Water Mead Park is lovely,and I often take my lunchtime walk round it – alternating with walking along the Grand Union towpath. As a bike ride into Leicester you can’t beat the route through Water Mead, (unless you yearn for death on the Melton Rd) but it’s a bit wind-y! The great thing for crows is that they fly straight, whereas the paths wind all over.

  2. Dave

    Thanks Pam.
    Gary, life is very odd :-), part of what makes it fun.
    I tried cycling the Melton Road on an earlier visit. Has those interesting cycle facilities that come and go at random intervals. Might well have to find a road route in/out for dark nights though.


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