9th Anniversary

Tonight we have been remembering the 9th anniversay of Mum's death. My original post was written two days after: Mum has died.

When I got the phone call with the news I was on a silent retreat weekend with SEITE as my of my ministerial training. In fact I was in an evening silent Communion Service being led by Rev Inderjit Bhogal and had to slip out to take the call.

I remember driving home from Kent and then we all went straight down to Emsworth to join the rest of the family, getting there very late on the Saturday evening.

Today we had a quiet meal with just the 3 of us left at home and we were reminising. Pleased that our youngest, who was 6 at the time, was able to say that all his memories of his Grandparents were good even though he lost 3 of them (all to cancer) that year.

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