A great day

Sunday was a great day today. I guess a lot of this is a result of new energy and life having recently had a weeks holiday.

I have presided at two communion services (Thrapston and Ringstead), plus been at a Circuit Youth Service. Our circuit youth group (currently called JAM, which [obviously] stands for "Jesus And Meals"), prepared and led the service, providing their own band and everything else. All had a good time of worship, both thoughtful and joyful.

They are a good bunch, today I got to meet some of the parents for the first time – that is good as a larger bunch of us (including these parents) will be going to Greenbelt together this year (I suspect it will be well over 20).

Mike, one of the team of presbyters in the circuit who has a triple role (presbyter, evangelism enabler and supporter of the circuit youth work) however was not there being on holiday (I know, shouldn’t be allowed).

For the service I got the task of hanging the 8 foot dove that JAM has made on their recent Holy Spirit weekend. PJ thought it looked more like a Mark IV Spitfire (I thought more like a dive bomber myself). Peter told me it was hanging upside down as the wings were at the bottom rather than the top (I pointed out the requirement to have something to attach the string to as being the reason – but it could just as easily been Mike and I knowing nothing about zoology).

In accordance with official JAM policy we ended with cake and drinks, sadly I had to leave for my next service before the clearing up was complete (and after that one we had chocolate animal shaped biscuits!).

Then have had a gentle evening watching Dr Who, Scrapheap Challenge, and Bremner, Bird & Fortune with various members of the family.

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