A pause for breath

We are home, but for less than 24 hours.

Jane and I have had a wonderful week alone, we took our 2 seater sports car (created by removing 5 seats from our 7 seater Citroen C8). The small car is waiting a replacement windscreen and anyway we needed the big car to tow our 6 berth twin axle caravan (ideal home from home for two people) to Reedam Ferry, Norfolk.

We had some very nice rides on our tandem recumbent trike, one less rather nice ride on our upright bikes (the bridlepath disappeared leaving us making our way almost at random through fields on a marsh). I also did a bit of unicycling (until I managed to bend a crank with a particularly spectactular crash).

On the campsite we had the luxury of plumbed in water and waste water – no filling water containers for us. Plus no phone signal.

The wonderful thing about being on our own was just how much time we had to do things. None of the jobs (cooking, clearing up, getting ready to go out) take very long when there are only two of you so we suddenly found all these extra hours in the day. No only more hours but someone lovely to share them with – fantastic.

We did have one slight problem. On a trip out on the Monday we realised that the rear brakes seemed to have suddenly worn out. Fortunately we saw a Citroen garage a few minutes later. Unfortunately when they reversed it in to look at the brakes they hit a recovery truck which sliced right through a rear quarter panel. Fortunately they gave us a nice C5 courtesy car for the rest of the week while they fixed it. Unfortunately it meant using Friday to go and collect the car. Fortunately they had valeted the whole car and it looks imaculate plus the brakes work.

Today we got home first and started our washing. Oldest son got back from the Keswick Convention mid afternoon and the other 2 from Scout camp late afternoon. Washing machine going non stop. About to go out for a meal all together (and start grandma's washing machine at the same time). Oldest son is away separately for the next week with his girl friends family while the rest of us head for more rain in Derbyshire, camping at Edale for a few days.

No blogging til I get back.

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