A big weekend

We have a big weekend starting.

On Saturday we have good friends coming over, not very sensible timing given that we have the builders round at the moment. This week it has been tricky getting in and out, the drive has been dug up, there has been a big hole outside the front door for foundations, outside the backdoor is a hole where a deck is in progress and a trench for a new drain goes the length of the house down the side. Anyway we will just have to go out to eat – how sad.

On Sunday the Daleks (well 1 made of cardboard) are coming to Warlingham Methodist Church where I am preaching. Jane is very kindly making this and has filled the house with bits of cardboard during an extended contruction phase.

Sunday afternoon we are all going to see The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy for a late birthday party for Peter with some of his friends. See FilmForce: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Douglas Adams for some nice memories about Douglas Adams.

Meanwhile on the SunRay front I want to get printers, email (kids have just been using webmail so far), and sound working if I can. Sound is a small problem – I have tried the instructions at  Using SunRay Server Software on Debian GNU/Linux but no success so far (rapidly moving beyond my current knowledge ;-). I did have the printer working for a while but now it is not, so I need to look at that.

Yesterday I connected a SunRay working upstairs, we now have a neat system with a playstation 2 and SunRay sharing a monitor using the PS2 Super VGA Box with TV Tuner I have mentioned before. in our experience this is far better than giving the kids a PC only or even a Windows PC and a games console. The useful lifetime is much greater, the support costs much lower and the risks much lower.

One thought on “A big weekend

  1. DaveW

    OK printing sorted. I had a stale SunRay session that had grabbed the printer and not released it (I guess because I did not “properly” shutdown the sessions when I rebooted).
    However, this means my current printer setup has the usb printer permanently attqached to one SunRay session. Not good. I think I need to setup the printer as a network printer using cups and will do that soon.


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