A mixed day

Today (Wed) has been somewhat mixed.

It was a rushed start.

  • Youngest son going on a school trip.
  • Oldest son worrying about a French exam
  • Jane off to Leicester to visit her Mum in hospital and aiming to get there before the doctors finished their rounds (after over 2 weeks in hospital we had not been able to see a doctor once)
  • Me going to the Christian Resources Exhibition at Sandown Park (other side of London) and hoping to be there for an 11am seminar

But it did not quite go as planned. Just as I was passing Milton Keynes I got a phone call (yes hands free) from the youngest’s School. He has been sick, has not gone on the school trip and could we collect him. H’mm tricky. No not really. So made calls to Jane so she would know what was happening and decided to continue as there is no other chance for me to get to CRE this year.

Jane did get to see a doctor but did not learn a lot. Makes making plans very difficult.

I did get to CRE and generally had a good time. Met Cartoon Dave for a coffee and chat. Met other friends. Bought some needed stuff. Bought some unneeded stuff. Got very frustrated about backing music for worship.

Traffic terrible on way home. M25 stopped so went the other way round London. Queued for Dartford tunnel and on M11, got home 8:30pm. Youngest bit better this afternoon (some very wonderful friends from Church rescued him from school), gone to sleep on sofa.

Now playing working with new toy work related software: SongPro. Comments in a separate post.

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