Am I back?

Sort of would be the most accurate answer I suppose.

Blogging came to rather an abrupt end just before Christmas, I never even got the chance to wish everyone here a Happy Christmas! The reason was that on Sunday (22nd) evening I suddenly went down with nasty cold. Just starting to emerge from it today.

That meant that I called on help for the midnight service on Christmas Eve, fortunately Lucy as a Local Preacher in training led the service while Pam & Peter did the readings and served at communion (hopefully avoiding passing the germs onto everyone else). So I just preached and presided at communion.

I survived the Christmas Day service, sadly I doubt if it can have been the best ever. Still one of the wonderful things about the community in Raunds is their support so nobody complained and they nearly all stayed on well after the end of the service sharing the joy of Christmas together.

I think I spent most of the rest of the day asleep at Jane’s Mum’s, it seems like I emerged from bed today (Friday) to go and let the boys spend some vouchers they were given.

Only one service on Sunday and apart from that I am off work until the 2nd. Pity most of it is being spent in bed as we had big plans for all the jobs we were going to get done.

2 thoughts on “Am I back?

  1. Olive Morgan

    So sorry to hear that you spent your Christmas getting rid of your cold -one of the penalties for a job that means meeting people all the time. I hope you’ll be well enought to come to Barnes Close on Friday.


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