Am I spoiled?

I have followed this meme Tollef Fog Heen: Am I spoiled? quite a few layers up the chain. My first reaction is stunned amazement.

I wonder who first came up with this test for whether you are spoiled? My own definition would include items like:

  • Do you have enough food to eat?
  • Do you have access to clean drinking water?
  • Do you have access to the medical necessities you need?
  • Do you have adequate sanitation facilities?
  • Can you read and write?
  • Do you have shelter at night?
  • Can you sleep safely?
  • Are you loved by anyone?
  • Are you free to speak what you believe?

If you can answer yes to all these and tick any one box in the original list then compared to a very large proportion of the worlds population you are spoiled.

We must switch our thinking around to look at those who have less rather than those who have more when we consider how well off we are.

3 thoughts on “Am I spoiled?

  1. Sally

    Good point Dave, I often wonder at our poverty of quality of life due to pursuit of stuff.
    These lists ( I followed them back up the chain a little) are astonishing, and I am astonished how much I have. We are currently trying to simplify our lives, driving less and walking or cycling more, eating less meat, buying organic vegetables etc.
    Last weekend was an eye opener as we took on a family task to clear out our closets and produced 6 bags of unnecessary clothes, these hae all either been recycled or gone to charity shops, another result has been that we now have 2 sets of draws to give away…all advertised on Freecycle.


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