An unusual week

This week is slightly odd. Not the normal sort of advent rush. Well actually it has started that way but will be quieter for a few days now.

Yesterday was a trail between different things.

  • Short staff meeting
  • A big funeral for the Circuit, led by Rachel with John Hucknall coming back to preach. Lovely service and good to be able to be part of the congregation as we worshipped, gave thanks for the life of Brenda, mourned and commended her to God.
  • Riding to Rothley for a bite to eat at Templars coffee, gift and piano shop before a home visit where there was good news to celebrate.
  • An evening meeting as preparation for a wedding blessing. Nice couple and will be a pleasure to meet with them for wedding preparation over the coming months.

Today was simpler if not quiet

  • District Executive meeting in Northampton from 10 til 3
  • Girls Brigade in the evening. It was a big rush to be ready in time as I wanted them to be part of preparing my Bullitt Sleigh for Christmas. They did the painting and as a result it will be a somewhat asymmetric sleigh :-) We also did the chocolate Christmas story and they had a chance to catch the chaplain out with any questions about Christmas.

Tomorrow the pace changes completely.

After a meeting to prepare for Sunday morning worship at Queniborough, I'll have to nip into the Church at Syston to move the hopefully dry sleigh out of the way. Then off to the Royal Informary to have a wisdom tooth out under general anaesthetic.

As I am not supposed to drive, cycle or make decisions for 24 hours I guess any blogging might also be affected. Fortunately I am then able to take it easy before 3 carol services on Sunday. I do hope I'll feel up to finishing off the Sleigh though as I promised the Girls Brigade that it would get an outing at the Syston Carol Service at 6pm on Sunday. If/when I get it finished there will be pictures available :-)

2 thoughts on “An unusual week

  1. Dave

    Operation cancelled after the nurses, surgeon and anaesthetist had all wasted their time preparing me.
    The problem was a shortage of surgical sets. That must be total incompetence by somebody as they know well in advance how many are going to be needed.
    What a waste of money and time caused by trying to save a little money on buying surgical sets.
    Now home and frustrated.


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