Another quiet weekend

We are starting a nice gentle weekend, Jane has gone off on the District Spouses weekend (it seems with the content of 1/2 my bookshelves) and so it is an all boys house til Sunday evening.

Tonight was the usual County Training Woodwind Band practice. So we all trolled off over to Northampton, one to play clarinet and the rest of us to eat Pizza.

Now last minute preparations for tomorrow are well in hand.

Tomorrow I am leading a training day "An Electronic Circuit", with firewall, server, wifi and 10 workstations to setup before 10am it will be an early start. The aim is to help Church Members make better use of IT, particularly the internet in supporting their Churches and the Circuit.

I am taking the Wii along so we can do some bowling during the lunch break :-) They work great when you use the data projector.

That finishes at 4pm.

Meanwhile two boys will spend the morning at the local music school and the third at a Warhammer Club. Then will go and visit Grandma and some visiting family at some point in the afternoon.

Then we all go out to the Brownies quiz night with supper – I am suggesting we call our team "42 is the answer, what is the question?" Should be a packed evening from the ticket sales so far, our goal is to not come last.

Sunday the boys will go to the chapel in Raunds while I am in Ringstead morning and evening. In the evening the two older boys are on the circuit Youth Alpha course.

Meanwhile I am looking at my diary wondering when I can manage a day off but also when I can get around on some urgent visits between everything else. On the other hand I am looking forward to next weekend when we have a Raunds Away Day – actually we are only going away to our own chapel :-). The topics are the Prayer life of our Church and engaging with the process to develop the Circuit Vision. We had a great leadership team meeting on Thursday planning the whole day, really exciting ideas and volunteers to lead sessions. Some interesting challenges too – like integrating the open to public coffee morning.

Then I get some time away at the District Retreat, looking forward to that too. Maybe I’ll get a chance for my feet to touch the ground.

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