Another Mother-in-law update

Following 42: Mother-in-law update much has happened. Mum was transferred to Glenfield Hospital in Leicester. She has had an angiogram and as a result of that is due to have a double bypass operation in the morning.

Went this morning thinking that she was going to have the op this afternoon. That did not happen so took the boys to see her this evening.

Planning to be back tomorrow, before she comes round.

More prayer a good idea.

PS Not a lot of blogging time

5 thoughts on “Another Mother-in-law update

  1. Eileen the Episcopalifem

    Prayers ascending for your mil – sent over here by MadPriest.
    May God hold you all, particularly your mil, within the strength of his embrace as she endures this procedure. May he rest with her physicians, and guide their hands as they work to bring her back to health. I ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

  2. 42

    Good News

    Following 42: Another Mother-in-law update I am pleased to say that Mum’s double heart bypass operation today (Tues) seems to have gone well. She is in the intensive care unit overnight but has come round. The doctors and nurses seem


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