BNP launches election manifesto

So BBC NEWS | Election 2005 | BNP launches election manifesto ties in neatly with 42: Methodist Church: Statement on racism.

I have read as much of their manifesto as I can bear. It is scary how factually incorrect it is, how it tries to pretend that it is not driven by hate and fear but by their idea of legitimate science.

What is particularly abhorent is the way they try to claim

"a commitment to the values of traditional Western Christianity."
page 22 BNP manifesto 2005

and that in the same document as they espose policy after policy designed to dehumanise the majority of our population (all but a small % of white males).

In the end I gave up reading it in disgust. Horrible.

3 thoughts on “BNP launches election manifesto

  1. J Westley

    The BNP is just about the best thing that has happened for us Brits who are decended from earlier immigrants to this country and who gladly adopted and adapted to the free and tolerant British way of life. The BNP speaks plainly and DARES to confront the dangerous fundamentalist anti British network that has a hidden agenda for destruction of all we hold dear.

  2. DaveW

    How can the lies and hatred that the BNP spreads be described as supporting a free and tolerant way of life? Total rubbish.
    Oh and it is pretty obvious how subverted, evil and misleading the BNP ideas about Christianity are especially during this week as we approach Pentecost. Try reading Acts chapter 2 from a Bible and see how far away from Christianity the BNP is.


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