British camping delights

So we are at a very nice Caravan and Camping Club Site at Boroughbridge, the only concern is that this site has flooded 7 times this year.

This afternoon we have had a massive thunderstorm, complete with hail and very heavy rain. Much of the site is now covered in large puddles requiring a rather roundabout route to the (excellent) toilet block.

However, I now have the Environment Agency Flood Warning page that is specific for this site bookmarked and so far there are no flood warnings since the end of June.

In these conditions our Dandy Designer seems just about perfect :-) A tent is no fun when it is so wet and with either a caravan or motorhome you start to worry about getting it off the pitch. Compared to every other folding camper/trailer tent the insulated PVC roof and sides are very nice when the weather is not amazing.

Here we are earlier in the week, hoping that pitch 13 will be luck for us.

2012-08-04 09.10.17
Note our TV aerial, for the first time we have digital TV while camping. Good thing we came prepared because it always rains a lot in Yorkshire when the Olympics are on (this is our 2nd experience of a flooded Yorkshire campsite during the Olympics).

This is also the first time we have paid for WiFi on a club site, apart from a couple of glitches it has actually been pretty good.

2 thoughts on “British camping delights

  1. sally

    luxury camping, I’m impressed, we were sailing in that thunderstorm only a few miles from you, thought it sensible to head for the shore

  2. Dave

    Yeah we like our luxury when camping :-)
    Makes a big difference to not be on the ground when flooding is expected and the Dandy can be put up and taken down in the rain with no problem. Both featurtes are handy in the UK :-)
    Saw your facebook post and thought “That is near where we are. Sally is crazy!”


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