Chaos will reign

In a few minutes Jane is going away for a spouses weekend organised by Seite (unsurprisingly enough) it is for the spouses of the ordinands and student minsters on the course. This is her 3rd and last one of these weekends.

So we have a men only house this weekend with a packed and varied
program. Tonight we cheat, as it is a bit late to cook when we collect
the oldest son from his piano lesson. So we will go to blockbuster and our
favourite Chinese takeway (kings Garden at Peter House Parade, Milton
Mount, Crawley).

Tomorrow we have a request to go to an apparently huge and fantastic
electric guitar shop in Brighton in the morning. Then in the afternoon,
1 son to a football birthday party, another to join a band as drummer
at a friends house (if you live near Grattons Drive then be afraid ;-),
another needs new football socks (I doubt Sports Soccer will let me buy
just 1 to replace the lost one).

Sunday I get to go and worship from the congregation at my home Church for a change, then quick tidy up before the boss returns to check up on us.

I seem to remember that it snowed last year when Jane went to this weekend so that appears to be another tradition that is being kept. She is doing the Myers Briggs personality stuff this weekend, it will be interesting to see how accurate my guesses are – they put her as the direct opposite of me on all 4 measures ;-)

One thought on “Chaos will reign

  1. 42

    ENTP and ISFJ

    So after Jane’s weekend away (see 42: Chaos will reign) my expectation was confirmed. She did the Myers-Briggs personality types, which I did about 3 years ago. One of us is ENTP and the other ISFJ – can you guess


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