Chess with Kids

Kids move on in sudden steps. Peter has just joined the school chess club, he has played a little before – enough to know the moves but struggle to achieve checkmate.

Anyway he won 3 games in his first evening and tonight wanted to play me. I won twice, but not without thinking and with very few moves by him that I had to suggest he should rethink. Then in the 3rd game he caught me in the kinds of silly mistakes I have been able to get away with when playing them, without any difficulty I was able to let him win without having to make deliberate mistakes. So he managed some forks on me (with his Queen to capture both Rooks at different times) and an attack on my Queen than included a Bishop sacrifice by using it to put me in check while launching a discovered attack on my Queen – excellent and not an accident. He also managed a quick and neat checkmate once I had only King and Pawns left.

That’s great, I have not had many opportunities to play chess in a very long time.

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  1. Brad Zang

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