Coffee with wow factor

I have written about coffee before but Union Coffee Roasters were new to me when I read  Union Coffee Roasters | Rwanda – a case study in ethics. It seems …

that they are getting great press for their coffee see for example: BBC NEWS | Business | Coffee buzz lifts wartorn Rwanda, Developments – The International Development Magazine – Rwandan coffee hits Sainsbury’s, and my original source Cafe Hayek: One More Reason to Drink Coffee.

I am going to have to order some soon to try this. But how to choose? They also have Organic Mexico Chiapas, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, and Organic Natural Spirit all of which sound wonderful.

A few years ago we got a box from Traidcraft with a wide selection of fair trade filter coffee in it with some details of where each came from. The taste was great and giving guests the box so they could choose their after dinner coffee did lots to help them appreciate the value of fair trade. It looks like the nearest thing they sell at the moment is Ground Coffee Variety Pack (6 x 227g).

Recently Jane seems to have decided that filter coffee is so much nicer than instant that she would like a cup after dinner more days than not. Maybe now is the time to re-introduce a bit more variety into our lives.

Our preference is buy fairly traded goods from the supermarket (no Tesco does not need a link from me to boost their page rank ;-), however, Tesco are behind in this area, so we use Sainsbury’s for a number of specific products like the Ecover range that Tesco do not normally stock. Otherwise we buy from the traidcraft reps at our home Church as they have better choice (also choc spread, honey, raisins etc). We prefer to not buy from Church as that does not encourage the shops to stock fair trade, but it is a useful fallback when the shops won’t stock fairly traded goods.

That leads nicely into this years big campaign:

Find out more at MAKE POVERTY HISTORY 2005.

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