Contacts update

I wrote in 42: Contacts vs glasses that I was trying contact lenses again.

So far the experience is good. These are the most comfortable lenses I have ever worn. The longest I have worn them for in one go is 8 1/2 days, at the end of that I went in for a checkup and all was well (they use a dye to check for oxygen in the eye and also do a careful examination).

Got them out for a while today to wash and will then go for another week. This is good.

I still have to go and wash with very hot water (a shower is the best way) to clear the gunk out of my eyes first thing in the morning. I think the gunk makes my eye lid catch on the lens everytime I blink, but a good wash (hope that is not too bad for me ;-) clears it up. Strangely it is not a problem when lying in bed – maybe this is a a sign I should stay there longer!

Not so good was the prediction that I will probably be getting to an age where I need reading glasses in 5 years or so (that seems very early, I will only be 21 then).

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