Counted out and back again

Just back from cooking breakfast at The Whitechapel Mission (see 42: Whitechapel again) counted 9 out from Raunds at 3:30am and 9 back to Raunds at 2pm. We cooked something like 190 sausages, I lost count of everything else. So we provided a welcome, a friendly smiling face, a good meal, clothing, toiletries and shelter to people who are homeless and rootless in London this Christmas.

Remember that the Whitechapel Mission is part of the work of the Methodist Church and is the only centre for homeless people in London open all year, including every day through Christmas and the New Year.

Here are some pictures of our team.


With our certificate after we had finished clearing up.


5 loaves of bread to butter and 5 to toast and then butter – all while the minister takes photos (and gets no respect for it)


Me taking a picture of Tony taking a picture of me while Lucy actually does some work.


See I knew I did some work!


Scrambled Egg, Fried Egg, plus extra sausages, bacon, burgers, hash browns, mushrooms, beans all on the go at the same time plus non stop washing up.

Start at 5:45am finish at 12:30pm with 90 miles driving before and after.

8 thoughts on “Counted out and back again

  1. Dave Warnock

    The Mission have different Church Groups each day throughout the Christmas and New Year period. That means they only need one staff member on.
    Places are already being booked up for Christmas 2007!
    I served as a volunteer for up to 2 weeks each Christmas during my training for ministry. Sadly I still know many of the people there.

  2. 42

    A volunteers view of Whitechapel Mission

    When I needed a neighbour were you there? By a volunteer from Raunds Methodist Church. On a damp miserable foggy morning we set off from Raunds (at 3:30am!) to bring some brightness and warmth to those on the streets of

  3. PamBG

    I served as a volunteer for up to 2 weeks each Christmas during my training for ministry.
    The pastoral worker from my sending circuit (Enfield) used to volunteer there. I don’t want to write her full name here, but do you know Joan S? About 5’2″, 60?

  4. Dave Warnock

    I think so, if I have the right person in mind she did a huge amount of work sorting donated clothes. So I did not spend much time with her as I have spent most time in the kitchen and dining area.


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