Dad has died

So another post that is hard to write.

On Friday evening my Dad died in St Wilfrids Hospice. It was not unexpected. It was peaceful and he spent the day surrounded by his family.

Dad had been diagnosed with secondary cancers in the lungs and liver last summer, despite this he fought on to care for Mum whose cancer was at a more advanced stage. For example, despite his own long course of chemotherapy he drove Mum to hospital every day during her radiotherapy.

His own illness has been swift since Mum died. In February he was well enough to drive himself to Cornwall to do jobs on his boat – since then he has been fighting but losing. He spent two weeks in the hospice before coming home for nearly a week returning to St Wilfrids on Tuesday.

He is now at peace, having joined Mum and their parents in the presence of their Lord whom they served throughout their lives.

As a family we are so grateful to all the staff and volunteers at St Wilfrids Hospice – without exception they have been wonderful to Dad and to us. Their care and love meant that he died peacefully and with dignity.

As a family we have been so blessed by two wonderful parents, that so clearly loved, cared and supported each other in everything. Though we are desperately sad for what we have lost, we rejoice for all that we have had over all the years.

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