Father-in-law has died

In my earlier post “Oh no, not again” I said that we were expecting Peter, my Father-in-law, to pass away soon. Well it has happened and Peter passed away on Thursday last week. The funeral will be this Thursday.

So within 7 months and 2 days our boys have lost 3 grandparents to cancer. What can you say to a son when he says “Will we ever have good times again?” at a time like this?

One thing this does show is how different even very similar experiences of bereavement are. The pain is different each time. The situation and needs are different each time. Yet, we also know that some things are constant and sure – that they are now in a far better place, without pain and enveloped in the love and presence of God – that whatever is happening that love is also for us, whether we are willing to accept it or not.

We want to give thanks for our families, for the care and concern and practical help we are able to give and recieve from each other. But also our thanks to all the church communities that we belong to for their love, prayers and practical care.

Once again, the much maligned British health care system provided loving high quality care, our thanks to all the Doctors, Nurses and others in the Harrow area for all they have done.

2 thoughts on “Father-in-law has died

  1. 42


    Well it is unbelievable, but my brothers Mother-in-Law died last night. In 10 months my sister, brother and I have lost both our own parents and each lost 1 parent in law. At the start of December 2003 we had

  2. Susan R

    Cancer is a big problem in all over the world I think the World Health Organization ought to organize best health care and better service for cancer patients.


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