Friends get jobs done

We have some friends from Crawley coming to visit tomorrow and the house now looks very different

it seems that for us there is nothing as effective as the thought of friends coming round to encourage us to get on with doing jobs.

So the Raunds manse is now really sophisticated! We have toilet roll holders wherever there is a toilet, and towel holders too. We now have 6 double coat hooks instead of 4 singles (which seems a bit more useful for 5 people. We even have door stops! Such luxury ;-)

I have even hung up Mum and Dad’s old warming pan (not a genuine antique, but they had it as long as I can remember). So now it feels more like home.

I also suddenly realised why we have been getting yucky scum on cups of tea – the water here is really hard. So now we have a water filter jug and have de-scaled the kettle (amazing how much it had furred up in only a couple of weeks). Tea, coffee and water all taste much better now. Got a good deal from the Co-op as it was the last jug they had of the larger size and reduced to much less than the smaller ones!

I think we now have all the boxes unpacked in the boys rooms. Pretty much all that is left in boxes came from the garden shed and is my tools and things.

I still have to fit vertical blinds in the study as the afternoon sun shines straight in and is blinding while I am at my desk. At the moment I close the curtains which kind of defeats the point of having moved the desk so it is under the window.

Jane keeps saying that she is really pleased with the kitchen as it has so many doors that she can keep a close check on what everyone is doing. We are going to have to get her out of there soon! What is nice is that we have been able to fit into the kitchen a folding table. It has space for us all when fully extended or when half out space for 3 at a time for breakfast etc. The table was my Nan and Pop’s (grandparents), we have had it quite a few years and I think we have nearly got through all the layers of polish Nan put on it ;-)

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