Good news, safe to invite friends :-)

I am pleased to announce that it is now much safer to invite your friends to Syston Methodist Church. While the Church has a reputation of being friendly to visitors we have rather let the welcome down with the quality of our coffee (summed up as yucky).

Well help is on hand. I have just had three big boxes delivered containing a fantastic professional filter machine and all the bits. We are going to have lovely Fairtrade filter coffee in a choice of both caffeinated and decaffeinated. To ensure top quality coffee along with flexibility and safety our coffee is made straight into big vacuum flasks with pumps for serving.

First airing in the Ally Cafe on Saturday 26th February between 7pm and 10pm for our Wii Bowling evening – all welcome (I couldn't wait til Sunday morning as I'll be in Birstall where sadly their coffee quality is lagging behind). Still last Sunday evening I was at Claremont Street which boasts the best biscuits in the Circuit :-)

7 thoughts on “Good news, safe to invite friends :-)

  1. Rachel

    Someone set a good precedent with his invitation to “Come and have breakfast”! Now if only I could remember who he was…….

  2. Dave

    I am sure that whoever that guy is he would like to join the Syston men’s lent group on Saturday mornings starting 19th March at 9am with bacon rolls :-) Personally at that time on a Saturday I prefer4 bacon rolls to fish anyway.
    Well you are in the UK and Leicester is nicely central :-) You are always welcome to pop in when passing!


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