Good News

Following 42: Another Mother-in-law update I am pleased to say that Mum’s double heart bypass operation today (Tues) seems to have gone well.

She is in the intensive care unit overnight but has come round. The doctors and nurses seem happy with the situation.

Jane and I went there in separate cars this afternoon. I had to leave before she came round but Jane was able to stay until the end of visiting time. So she was there when her Mum came round and spend time with her.

Yet again the NHS has been excellent during this time. In both Kettering and Glenfield Hospitals all the staff have been very kind and competent.

While we were with Mum the Chaplain came around. She had given Mum communion on the ward on Sunday and came to see how things were going. It was really good to experience her care first hand. There is a different feel to the care a chaplain can offer to that provided by the local minister visiting Church members. I think they go well together.

When the nurse was talking about adjusting the sedation to keep Mum just asleep until she had warmed up and been washed I thought that would be a handy thing to have. I can think of several people in this house I would like that much control over :-)

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    Another Mother-in-law update following 42: Good News a few weeks ago. I fetched Mum home yesterday (Friday) after 5 1/2 weeks in hospital following a heart attack and a double heart bypass operation. That is major stuff when you are


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