Hobsons Choice is well named

We went out for the evening last night. First night out on the town since we moved to Raunds.

OK, so it was not so daring, we found the nearest cinema and went to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (good fun).

After we went to a pub restaurant close by, it was aptly named "Hobsons Choice". One of the style where you goto the food counter to order. From our experience it might be best to order your food before you go to watch the film (1 hour 15 minutes from order to main course – the one plate of nachos we shared as a starter had been gone a very long time by then). Oh and they don’t do non-alcoholic drinks very well. I ordered 2 pints of lime&lemonade without ice, but still got the ice. My next order was for a pint of lemonade to which I was told (as we both stared at the 2 pints just placed on the bar) "we can’t serve a pint of lemonade" – duh!

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