Holiday Fun

Well we have actually been back from our Holiday for a week. Just have not got around to posting on it.

We had nearly 2 weeks away, the first week was on the Bike Culture Week organised by the Company of Cyclists, that is the same holiday as we did last year only this year it was in Pocklington near York.

We had a great week (again), some great cycling. Andrew did approx 250 miles in the week including Wednesday when he and I joined the longer ride of 56 miles. Peter must of done around 100 miles, some on the back of the X2 Tandem, some on the Kettwiesel and some on his mountain bike – that included several days over 25 miles. Stephen used the Trets everyday (apart from a day off on Wednesday). Jane used her new Ridgeback flat barred road bike and I rode the XXL except when riding the X2 tandem with Peter – mostly towing the Trets.

This year we had no punctures (carrying my track pump still seems effective – although we did use it for some other people a few times).

The place was great – Pocklington School with good food, good facilities (nice indoor swimming pool, our boys still had enough energy to have a swim everyday) and even satellite TV so we could watch the Tour de France highlights each night.

As before a lovely and very mixed bunch of people, made loads of new friends as well as seeing old ones from last year.

Got to test ride some nice bikes as well. Alan very kindly let me ride his Thorn Raven for around 5 miles one day while he tried the XXL towing Stephen. It took my bum 2 days to recover so I will stick to recumbents as much as possible. I did get to ride 2 Ratcatchers (one was Mike Burrow’s personal machine) as well, very very nice indeed if somewhat twitchy initially.

At the end of the holiday, Jane and Andrew rode 27 miles to the campsite at Sherrif Hutton where we spent the next week (subject of a 2nd post I guess).

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