I love Muslims in the NHS

The video from Fox I have watched at clayboy » All go mad on health care made me really, really angry.

Two people who ought to be in jail for racism made horrible accusations about Muslim Doctors in the UK. They equated being a Muslim to being a terrorist and descibed the NHS as a breeding ground for terrorism.

In my post 42: We love the NHS I wrote about the double bypass surgery my Mother-in-Law had at Glenfield Hospital in Leicester.

Now consider this Leicester: Ethnicity profile.

Leicester is widely predicted, within the next five years, to become the first city in Europe with a majority non-white population. Nowhere else in Britain has proportionally fewer White British residents. According to the 2001 census, only 60.5% of the city’s residents described themselves in this way.

In numerical terms, Leicester has just over 100,000 ethnic minority residents out of a total population of 280,000.
The Indian population in Leicester, numbering over 72,000, is by far the largest outside London. Indians form the bulk of the total Asian population (84,000), and make up one in four of all Leicester residents. Pakistanis and Bangladeshis, however, are represented only slightly above the national average, in proportional terms. The city also has over 5,500 residents who ticked the Asian Other box in the 2001 Census; many of these are likely to be Kenyan and Ugandan Asians who fled from east Africa during the 1960s and 1970s.

In some parts of inner-city Leicester, white people are ethnic minorities. The Latimer ward has the smallest white population outside London; 83% of the population are from other ethnic groups (74% are Indian). Indian people form an overasll majority in three other wards: Belgrave (63% Indian), Spinney Hills (60%) and Rushey Mead (53%).

Although ten times less numerous than the Asian population, black people are also represented in Leicester at a level above the national average (3.1% of the city’s residents, compared to 2.3% for the whole of England). Slightly more than half (4,600 people out of 8,600) are Black Caribbean. There are 3,400 Black Africans, or just over 1% of the population.

Leicester’s mixed-race population is also proportionally higher than average, totalling 6,500 people. It is one of very few places outside London where the White and Asian Mixed group begins to approach 1% of the total population; nearly 2,000 people ticked this box in the 2001 census.

While in Leicester my Mother-in-law was treated and cared for by doctors, nursing staff and many others who come from all over the world. There were many Muslims among them and thanks to their love, skill and care my kids still have a grandma.

This horrible way of referring people who are often British citizens from birth or who have come here to care for people makes my blood boil (and let us not make the mistake the Americans are making of descibing anyone who is not white as Muslim – Arrgghhhh!!).

Everyone who has been cared for by the NHS will have been treated by people who these Americans are describing as terrorists. In all my many experiences of seeing NHS care I have many many memories of Muslims caring for people I know and love. In every case they have been good examples.

I resent these ignorant and racist Americans describing my friends, my community, my health care professionals in this way. I vote to cancel the health insurance of everyone of these Americans on the grounds that they are so ignorant they probably won’t even notice.

Oh and I thoroughly recommend Leceister as a friendly and nice city for a shopping visit, particularly when your Mum is being cared for in hospital there.

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