Joseph & his technicolour dreamcoat

Tonight was the one and only performance of Joseph & his technicolour dreamcoat at St Pauls Methodist Church Crawley, put on as part of our 50th anniversary. Jane was in the chorus and Andrew had a semi starring role as Benjamin.

Actually it was pretty good, very much a community event. Nice to see sole old friends back for the celebrations which include a special service tomorrow followed by lunch.

Nice to see I had the best looking wife in the chorus ;-) Or am I not supposed to think that ;-)

Well done everyone

One thought on “Joseph & his technicolour dreamcoat

  1. 42

    Joseph and his amazing coat

    See Joseph and his amazing coat for several pages of photos of Saturday nights show (and I guess from some of the rehearsals as well) Thanks Max for getting these up so quick (they were there by the morning service


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