Just got up and it is 3:25 am

Makes a change for me to have got up at this time, it is far more common for me to be going to bed now.

Anyway, I am up, showered, dosed with caffine and nearly ready for the drive to the Whitechapel Mission. Got to be there before 6am to start preparing breakfasts for the homeless.

The people at Raunds Methodist Church are extremely enthusiastic so there are 9 of us going which is a little too many really for the amount of work. My car boot is full of clothes, towells and toiletries.

We have approx 3 inches of snow at the moment here. The main roads are clear, but there are no main roads in Raunds. Primrose Hill is going to be interesting!

Anyway, got to dash. See you later ;-)

One thought on “Just got up and it is 3:25 am

  1. 42

    Whitechapel again

    We are off to the Whitechapel mission again in the morning. Last year I managed a blog entry before leaving: 42: Just got up and it is 3:25 am. No promises that I’ll manage the same again this year. Like


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