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Amazing that it is so long since I last posted. So before I post anything else a quick update:

Life has been dominated in so many ways by Mum’s death. I guess that will be the case internally for a long time to come, but now I feel able to cope with most public situations. I can feel some energy and enthusiasm returning. But still work is a grind. Supporting Dad is obviously still really important, but also a joy. Again and again he amazes me and makes me proud of him.

It has not been a very easy couple of months in my ministerial training with SEITE, I have had 3 weekends away this term (the one when Mum died and two since). The last 2 have been on Death/Dying and Funerals which was not exactly ideal timing. Although in retrospect helpful (the care and concern of SEITE staff and students has been really wonderful). Last week I lead a seminar on “Liberation Theology and the Local Church” which was extremely challenging but also re-kindled enthusiam for moving onward.

Jane also had a weekend away for spouses which she enjoyed. We had Dad to stay for the weekend to provide transport so that Jane could go in the car.

I was preaching one Sunday morning, went to watch Gail (from the course) preach and write a report on another Sunday and so I think today (yesterday now) was only the 2nd service at St Pauls since Mum died. Good to see people again and lovely to meet some new people.

Yesterday (Saturday) I went to Bermondsey Methodist Central Hall to lead a Wesley Guild meeting on forgiveness. Great bunch of people, lovely to spend time with them (good age mix from 1 year, 1 month and 1 day through to a man in his 90′s: I think they said – he did not look it ;-)

Finally (for this post anyway) we have bought another bike! Yes I know. But it is different and not intended for me. I will write separately about it (but just in case you are too impatient it is a 2nd hand Kingcycle – a 2 wheel recumbent).

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    In my last post I mentioned a new bike. Someone very kindly uploaded the original web page. We don’t (yet) have a front fairing or disk wheels and I am in the middle of getting it fully running. Minimum some

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    Kingcycle update

    Today I will collect our Kingcycle from a significant set of upgrades done by Andy Duffin of A.D. Cycles in Horsham


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