Marathon Filing session over

Just a quick post as I needed a break for a little celebration.

Just finished a marathon filing session with Jane. Over 3 hours but at least the floor of the study is clear at last.

Plus the invites I am sending for the back To Church Sunday are now being hand delivered, another good job to have got done.

Next is to prepare for the Leadership Team Meeting tonight. They don’t know it yet but we will be working on the Church Profile from the "The Healthy Churches Handbook".

2 thoughts on “Marathon Filing session over

  1. DaveW

    Oops, got caught out by pre-announcing surprises for the leadership team on here. Les has already caught on and checked here before the meeting. So I was greeted by “Whats this Healthy Church thing then?”
    Anyway good meeting.

  2. rev mommy

    You have inspired me — I am doing the marathon filing session AS WE SPEAK for my huge pile o’ papers. So much of life is the fighting back of chaos, is it not?


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