Mobile WiFi working well

We are in our caravan and my cool Mobile WiFi modem is working well. A poor 3G signal in the caravan meant I could not get a connection. But by putting the modem in a plastic bag and attaching it to the top of our 8m telescopic flagpole I have a great internet connection (pity something similar can't be done to get a good TV signal without a satellite dish). 

The Huawei E5830 wireless modem sends out a Wi-Fi signal to give you internet connection whenever you need it. With your own mobile Wi-Fi connection (known as MiFiĀ®) so you can connect different Wi-Fi enabled devices at once and get fast internet speeds with no wires, no hassles and no need for a Wi-Fi hotspot.


I did manage in the past with my Mobile broadband dongle, but it meant extra hassle with a special 5m USB cable (5m is beyond the normal limits for a USB cable to this has a repeater to boost the signal) hanging out of the window.

2 thoughts on “Mobile WiFi working well

  1. Dave

    Isn’t it an obvious thing to do?
    Been doing it since holiday in Yorkshire. Mobile phones only worked in one corner of the field and then not all the time, but if you rested them on the caravan roof they could receive and send texts. So tried a usb extension cable with the broadband dongle and hey presto. Saw the flag pole at Greenbelt and thought it would work better. Saw the mobile wifi before Christmas when we had problems with usb on some old laptops and thought we could combine all these.


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