Mum has died

Hard to write this.

On Saturday night my Mum died in hospital, despite a year long fight against cancer it was sudden and largely unexpected.

Clearly this is dominating life at the moment as we care for Dad and each other. This was a love affair of 53 years, started when she winked at him at a church youth club at the age of 15. It stayed a love affair and if you ever wanted an example of what Jesus meant in Matthew 19:4-6 about men and women becoming one flesh in marriage this was it. Also if you wanted an example of care for others then Mum would also be high on your list.

Got to go now, Dad’s just getting up

8 thoughts on “Mum has died

  1. Rene

    Of course, words are inadequate but I do want to express my sadness at your Mother’s passing. Sympathies to you and your family – especially your Dad.

  2. 42

    After the services

    Yesterday we had two services for Mum, first at the crematorium with just family present, then later at Emsworth Methodist Church for a thanks-giving service. The past week and a bit does not seem very real, time is very distorted,

  3. 42

    Dad has died

    So another post that is hard to write. On Friday evening my Dad died in St Wilfrids Hospice. It was not unexpected. It was peaceful and he spent the day surrounded by his family. Dad had been diagnosed with secondary

  4. david

    My mum passed away almost two years ago and i still feel the pain. It was skin cancer and she never went on sunbeds etc she was just unlucky I guess. The problem is she dedicated her whole life to helping others, not just her own family but voluntary work, on top of teaching less fortunate kids who could not access a normal education (Gypsies etc)
    I cannot understand why God would take her so soon. My Mum was the only religous one of us so why are we still here and the best one isn’t?
    Love to you and my mum

  5. DaveW

    I do not have any easy answers. I too still feel pain and dispair, not all the time but enough.
    I can see ways that I have changed as a result of what happened, I can sit alongside others in pain in a different way. That does not make what happened good or right. Both Mum and Dad would have loved being able to come here to visit Raunds and get involved in what is happening. They would both have been excited and looking forward to their next grandchild due this summer.
    So I do not understand. But this I do know for certain. Cancer is not God’s will, instead his nature is to show us love, grace and mercy. I am totally confident that he can and is working for good in this and every other situation, I am also totally confident that this is not the end, that Jesus rose from the dead to bring hope of resurrection, of new life, of eternal life for us all.
    So I continue, yes grieving, but also knowing of and hoping for what is to come.
    I pray that you will find comfort, strength and hope.
    Love Dave

  6. sarahjane

    my mum passed 8 weeks ago and was ill only for 12 weeks prior till her passing , im 27 and she was so fit it would take your breath away! my brave mum died of small cell lung cancer and left a family so young! we never had a dad she was both ,it ripped our lifes so far apart you can still see the seem. i dont think it will ever go away for us because they are still alive with memories……. and if they dont go…..there alive with us<<

  7. DaveW

    I am sorry to hear about your Mum.
    Yes, the memories mean that our loved ones are still alive with us in some way. But at times that seems to make it harder not easier, so close, yet so far away.
    I pray that through this tragedy you will be able to support and love each other as a family.


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