Musing Around

Off to the new Wembley Stadium to hear Muse in concert. Only going to provide company for oldest son of course :-)

3 thoughts on “Musing Around

  1. Dave Warnock

    Muse were great. I was very close to being as far away as is possible (only 10 rows from the back over the corner flag). That meant the Rodriguez y Gabriella (spelling) were difficult to see. In fact they had been on stage for quite a while before I realised that I was not listening to a CD and watching a video. Still they were good.
    Not very impressed with Dirty Pretty Things or the Streets (the paper I read praised their attempt to get the crowd to sing radio gag ga – but the reality was rather pathetic).
    But Muse were worth it. Huge sound, huge presence, superb effects. Very good indeed.


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