My idea of a great evening.

A great evening is when your wife decides to prepare a special meal. Roast Lamb and roast potatoes!

And then she goes out for the son taxi service job.

Then 5 minutes before I serve the lamb, potatoes and veg a call from Mother-in-law. Turn off oven, go over, call ambulance.

5 hours later I get home because Jane has taken over at casualty. Then a couple of hours later back to the hospital for 1am with clothes and wheelchair to bring her home again. False alarm, no heart attack. One now very chirpy mother-in-law in bed eating some supper.

Well maybe it isn't quite my idea of a great evening. But wow it could have been a lot worse! Off to bed now.

4 thoughts on “My idea of a great evening.

  1. Rachel

    Wow – puts my, what I had considered a horrendous, morning into proportion.
    Franny (4yrs old) had a tantrum over me trying to brush her hair for school and was still screaming ‘Mummy – you’ve upset me’ in the classroom as I left her, sobbing in the arms of her teacher who seemed to have lots of sympathy for Franny in the face of the trauma I’d inflicted! AHHH – parenthood!
    I think too much – the hairbrush incident then becomes a symptom of something much deeper and because I’m distracted of late, revising and doing ‘homework’, as I call it, and playing with them less, I then start to feel guilty that they are missing me – especially the little one and then I wonder if I am doing the right thing by being at college. Then I think of all those women who go to work every day for a living whose kids have been at nursery since a few weeks after they have been born and I think I am going to feel better but I don’t.
    Ahhh! Excuse the moan. Don’t feel you have to respond,just sharing helps.
    It’s good of you to share the more domestic sides of life. I think sometimes people assume people in ministry must have all their stuff sorted out in order to be in a position to minister to others- but, in actual fact, we’re all just clinging on as best as we can – we’re all in it together but secure in the fact that God loves us. Heaven will be perfect. Lamb and roast potatoes will never go cold, people’s ‘hearts’ will beat for ever and small children won’t scream about hairbrushes. It will be great!!!

  2. Richard Hall

    Dave – did you ever read ‘A Squash and a Squeeze’ with your kids? I think it’s the broad principle outlined in that fine book that made your evening great.
    Rachel – you have my sympathy, for what it’s worth. No one gets to you like your own kids…


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