My personality has changed

Wayne suggested taking the Myers Briggs personality profile. He is comparing them to Bible Translation preferences (see Link: Better Bibles Blog: Bible translation and personality types).

Interestingly I cam out different from the past.

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My full history is that I started as INTP (that was at a time of conflict and threat at work so with hindsight it was not surprising I had retreated into myself).

More recently during my ministerial training I came out as ENTP although the T was not very powerful.

Now the F has dominance, I think somewhat overstated as I know that I tend to apply F in a logical way. In some sense I have decided through T that the F is important and therefore think carefully about F, that boosts the score here somewhat more than it should be. I would personally see these as almost 50/50. That is borne out my being pretty comfortable with both the ENTP (interesting that "Church Worker" is not a suitable career – lucky for me it is a calling and vocation rather than career choice) and ENFP profiles.

I am comfortable that I am no longer an INTP although I do like to dabble in that at times. I guess the fact I am comfortable discussing my personality in public like this is a good indication of being E rather than I.

Note that the strong Intuitive and Perceiving scores have always been consistent. I would place my natural preference myself at something like E=60%, N=80%, F=60%, P=95%

Within my training course E’s were rare as were T’s.

Oh and it won’t surprise anyone that I said of my Bible Translation choice:

As for Bible translations TNIV is my most used translation of choice followed by CEV, The Message and NRSV).

4 thoughts on “My personality has changed

  1. eclexia

    You’ve made me wonder: What was your training course? I was in a linguistics training program and organization and I would say Es were as Fs in that scenario. Oh, and there weren’t many Ss either.

  2. Dave Warnock

    The course was training for ordination as an Anglican or Methodist or URC minister.
    It was with Seite (South East Institute for Theological Education). I did 4 years of theology with 2 of those years including Methodist foundation training (discernment etc) and 2 years including ordination training (weekends away one of which was on Myers Briggs).

  3. Peter Kirk

    I guess the fact I am comfortable discussing my personality in public like this is a good indication of being E rather than I.
    I’m not so sure about that, given the dominance of I’s in the responses I have seen to the original BBB post. But then maybe, as I suggest in my latest comment there, bloggers actually tend to be frustrated E’s, who come out as I on the test because we are afraid of real face to face interaction, but use blogging, e-mail etc as a substitute way of meeting our need for personal interaction.


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