Nine words are better than Eleven Words

Jonathan Schwartz is an important person (President and Chief Operating Officer) at Sun Microsystems. He set a challenge based on Eleven words to the whole company back in mid 2004. They seem to have had a useful effect. Now I want to introduce you to a far more important Nine words.


This is a huge campaign for 2005 that is supported by just about every charity and church you have heard of (yes of course that includes The Methodist Church). Please consider getting involved, the symbol is a white band.

The goal is simple MAKE POVERTY HISTORY!

3 thoughts on “Nine words are better than Eleven Words

  1. 42

    White Band Blog: The Magnificent Seven

    I followed a (over the top?) trackback to White Band Blog: The Magnificent Seven…

  2. a twisted world

    Wear a White Band – Make Poverty History

    Well, after reading up on several blogs (Like Mary ‘s and Jonas ‘s) about receiving invitations to ” Live8 the Long Walk To Justice ” concert, I was hoping to get an invite too.. but Who Would Send Me One / . Then I thought; what good would it be if


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