Oh no, not again

My Father-in-law had a major operation for cancer of the Colon just over 5 years ago. We are so grateful to the skill and care of so many over these years, but it looks like we are now close to the end of this life for him.

I am fortunate to have married into a loving Christian family and it is showing through in these difficult times.

Last year we were able to celebrate their golden wedding with everyone which was great. In a way typical of himself, Peter said at the time “I did not expect to make it to here”.

To lose one parent to cancer in a year is hard, now we are looking at losing three in 8 or 9 months.

One thought on “Oh no, not again

  1. 42

    Father-in-law has died

    In my earlier post “Oh no, not again” I said that we were expecting Peter, my Father-in-law, to pass away soon. Well it has happened and Peter passed away on Thursday last week. The funeral will be this Thursday. So


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