On having less wisdom

Yesterday I had one of my wisdom teeth removed at the Leicester Royal Infirmary.

As I am now very old and also as my operation was cancelled in December (a shortage of surgical sets) I was first on the list this time.

The staff were all very friendly and efficient. This was my first ever general anaesthetic and although it must cost the NHS a lot more to remove my wisdom this way, it was much ore comfortable for me. I am very glad I made that choice.

Thanks to codeine tablets I got a good nights sleep (two stretches of 4 hours, one from each tablet). However, as I was told to expect my mouth is very swollen this morning.

Sadly we have builders in today so not too much peace around. Although much kudos to the Leicester North Circuit for being efficient and thoughtful in getting jobs done. Among other things the last inspection noted that the dividing wall to next door was not complete in the loft and one of the chimneys needed re-pointing. So we have already had some jobs done and yesterday they put up scaffolding for the roof work. I have to say rather them than me, it is a very cold day and we have the most inaccessible roof hatch in the world.

2 thoughts on “On having less wisdom

  1. Eileen and Murray

    Hi Dave and Jane,
    Glad to hear the op has been completed and you can be fussed over. Make the most of it. Funny how the builder is always on time when you could do without him for a day or two. Hope you will get more sleep tonight and we look forward to seeing you soon.
    Love from Eileen and Murray


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