Out for HP

We are all just off out to get (can you believe it) 3 copies of the Deathly Hallows. How sad is that?

[Update] Got home at 1:45 huge queue at Kettering Waterstones and not very efficient process especially given we had paid in advance. Still all pleased to have the books.

5 thoughts on “Out for HP

  1. stcasserole

    Our copy will be delivered today from Amazon.
    Our son waited at the local bookstore until 1:30am to get his copy. He’s sleeping now so I’m tempted to go get his book and begin….

  2. Will

    Who gets to read it first, or do you all read it together? I am getting ready to go see the film this evening. I hope it’s better than the last one.

  3. Dave Warnock

    3 copies, one son has finished it already, so that leaves a copy each for the 3 that can read it themselves. Youngest will have it read to him/read bits or wait for the cdrom version.
    Current film was the only one I did not go to sleep in so maybe a bit better.

  4. sally

    Laughing at this- my 18 yr old queued outside Tescos and dived under the door as the shop was being opened to buy the first copy sold in Downham Market- she bought me one too! Have we all gone mad???


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