Progress on 2011 stuff

A week ago I wrote 42: New Year Stuff documenting my three New Year resolutions. One week in and a progress update.

In summary I have achieved all three resolutions so far. As a reminder they were to:

1. To blog every day on my cycling blog: 42Bikes. See I’m Bike posting every day in 2011! « 42 Bikes.

2. To Lose 15kg by end of July 2011. Covered in part in this post: Bike challenges for 2011 « 42 Bikes.

3. To read through the Bible in a year following a reading plan on YouVersion.

I have written up about the first two resolutions on 42Bikes in One week in. Progress on 2011 challenges « 42 Bikes.

  • The daily blog post has seen a huge jump in page views (daily average for January is double that for December). 
  • The weight loss is going great so far. I have lost 1.9kg which puts me ahead of target by 0.9kg. It happened in large part because I cycled not just everyday but much further than expected at 126.5 miles in the week.

The third resolution, which I have not written about during the week (except for a few tweets), has also gone well. I have kept to the daily reading schedule set for me by YouVersion. In fact it too has been easy this week. I find using YouVersion to read the Bible on my htc Desire mobile phone works really well. I always have my phone with me (and there are few places with no signal round here) so it is very convenient. I also find the text very readable on the phone, not at all tiring. For some good reflections on these readings see Will Grady's blog posts: Summary, and these two.

We will see how these continue over the next few weeks as obviously the first week of the year is not very typical. Mind you the next few are not either. Next week is more normal, for example 3 evening meetings). The following week I have my rescheduled wisdom tooth operation so will be off work for a few days. The week after that includes Methodist Council for two days and the week after that the District Retreat. Meanwhile this Sunday is my first covenant service of the year (but I only have two this year, which is half the previous minimum I have had since I became a minister). Later in the month we start a Circuit wide "Just Walk Across the Room" campaign which will keep me busy :-)

Anyway off now to a coffee morning, some visits and delivery of Just Walk Across the Room materials around the Circuit.


2 thoughts on “Progress on 2011 stuff

  1. Will Grady

    Thank you for the links, Dave. Glad the readings have been going well for you so far this year. My week returns to normal this week, too, with the added turn of my wife going down to our new circuit to look at schools! Hopefully, I will keep up.

  2. Dave

    I have been telling people in the Churches about this new year resolution and encouraging them to check up on me. So it had better stick :-)
    One of the things I really liked about your posts is to see how through very different journeys we have converged in much of our understanding and valuing of scripture.
    Hope School visit goes well, it is one of the nervous making aspects of moving. We have been fortunate both times and hopefully won’t have to worry about it again.


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