reverend mommy’s random thoughts: Midnight Musings.

Again Theresa raises important issues reverend mommy’s random thoughts: Midnight Musings.

Personally I have found many feminist readings of scripture very helpful, it is definately something that I feel we should be exploring more.

Too often we accept the idea of a Hermeneutic circle (what you understand from a text depends on what you expect to find. Or your starting place affects your understanding of meaning) but only for men, the starting point of being a women coming to the text seems to be unacceptable to some. Certainly we have seen this in official statements from the Church over the years.

One ironic thing is that it is not just women who suffer due to this, men also suffer from a poorer understanding of God when the insights of 50% of the population are considered invalid.

The graphic examples given in the post of deeply inhumane interpretations of scripture should be consigned to history, and quickly.

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