Rushing around

We move in just over a week. It would be nice to think we were ready but …

This time we have been trying extra hard to be a lot more organised and get rid of huge amounts of stuff (for example we have reduced the bike count by 5 – I confess some of the reduction is temporary). But despite all the work so far, this last week is full of rushing around.

Although we only collected our downsized car on Friday (see 42: More on a lighter footprint) we have already done nearly 500 miles in it (according to the dash an average of 47.4 mpg). Today that included a trip back to Luton to have a USB box fitted so that iPods etc can play through the stereo (they forgot it last week).

This afternoon I have made 3 trips to the recycling centre. That means I have cleared all the bits we have removed on Thursday in order to restore the garage to being a garage rather than an insulated music room/store. I also took all the bits accumulated around the garden that did not go with the normal recycling. I am starting to get to know the people at the recycling centre quite well.

Fortunately we have had a luggage trailer passed onto us by my brother and so I have been able to use that to carry all the stuff to the dump (plasterboard, insulation, broken furniture, plants Jane has killed etc) without needing to get the car yucky. We also used the trailer for a couple of trips carrying all my tools (I inherited a lot from Dad who had many of his own plus he inherited many from his Dad, Mums Dad and an Uncle) to our new home in Syston. This was a lot easier than packing them all in cardboard boxes and then having to unpack them at the far end. It meant we were also able to carry the things the removal people would not carry last time (camping gaz, white spirit etc).

I have also got rid of pretty much everything that needed to go to Churches and filled the car with stuff for charity shops tomorrow. The trailer has nearly another load in it, mostly wood  (youngest son has just grown out of his not quite full length bed and it was so bashed that could not be passed on in pieces with any hope of re-assembly).

Yesterday we even managed to get the Dandy folding caravan and it's awning emptied of stuff and folded away ready to move. That started filling the garage back up (we did have to empty it completely to remove both ceiling and floor).

We now have another bedroom almost completely cleared and done. The garage is now filling up with packed boxes so we have a bit more space to move around in the house.

Both our older sons are away this week, fortunately (only from a personal perspective) we have been able to delay our actual move until next week which means they are back to help us move things like the laser pico over the weekend.

I have just been invited out to a late lunch with a friend tomorrow so at least something to look forward to. Sadly I think I need to spend the morning cutting the hedge – that is one thing I won't miss when we have moved.

As you can see we are leading a very exciting life at the moment :-)

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