Seeing Stu and Naomi

This evening we went out with Stu and Naomi. Here is Stu.

image from a few moments I was in trouble, it seems that last time we were in Falmouth and went out together I didn't blog about it. Instead I wrote about bikes! Terrible crime.

So tonight we met Stu in the Whetherspoons pub (location of this photo) for a drink before going to Da Vinci's where Naomi joined us for a meal. The food and the company were great :-)

Stu and I met at the Methsoc in Manchester when we were at University. We shared a house in Acomb Street (yes, of course it was number 42) for two years. So it is always good to catch up with each other and the friends we variously keep in touch with.

In case I have not mentioned it before, we like Falmouth a lot – and not just because Stu and Naomi live there now ;-) We had a nice walk though earlier in the week with a very nice sandwich and coffee at de Wynns (an old favourite).

I have already tweeted this photo, hopefully the blog post will complete the process of getting me out of the doghouse :-)

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