Sex Education

Is it only me that thinks there is a connection between JOLLYBLOGGER: Sex on Campus and  Boing Boing: Reactionary school-boards’ block-buy eliminates sex from text-books.

That is writing as a father whose 10 year old has just started sex education at school (personal care/cleaning and naming so far) and who has spent some time with him and his older brother talking through these issues.

Our kids are getting a far better education than "wot I got" in so many areas. Things are connected up so that they can understand consequences. It would be very strange to leave sexuality out of that picture.

Surely the comments on the JollyBlogger post show that a policy of not informing and not educating is not working.

This is in no way advocating sex outside marriage which is still what I believe in, however, hiding your heads in the sand and pretending that not giving a planned education and relying on what the kids learn in the school payground seems to be running away from responsibility and common sense.

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