The new shorter and tubbier Dave

In response to reader demand there is now a new photo of me here on 42. As I am looking to the right I have swapped the columns over too.

This comes after a post from Dave Faulkner, who I met in the flesh for the first time at the Christian Resources Exhibition on Wednesday.

In his post Christian Resources Exhibition « Big Circumstance he wrote:

Yet this year, there was one other meeting with a friend. Someone I’ve
known through blogging for a few years, but never met before. Dave Warnock.
It’s funny how you have an image of a person before you meet them, and
find you’re wrong. In Dave’s case, I did have an image: there’s a photo
of him on his blog. Somehow, though, I’d wrongly projected that into an
idea of him as taller and thinner than he is. (No, Dave, I’m not saying
you’re fat, just that I was wrong.) And somehow from his writing, I
didn’t expect such an extravert!

Not only that but another Methodist blogging "friend" who I have met joined in with a comment. Olive Morgan wrote

Yes, Dave, the other Dave doesn’t look like the photo on his blog, as I
found out at the UK Methodist bloggers’ meeting we had in Birmingham. I
do wish he would change the photo! Is it a deliberate ruse to make us
think of you as taller and slimmer, Dave W?

So I have put up a new photo, in this photo I look very short and fat. When you meet me please be sure to comment that I look taller and thinner than in my blog photo!!!

Now what really intrigued me was Dave's comment "And somehow from his writing, I
didn’t expect such an extravert!
"  Do others feel the same?

One thing I do know is that over the years I have become less shy (yes you can be a shy extrovert – it is not a comfortable place to be) and perhaps more confident of myself. However, I would have expected that to be somewhat consistent between me in the flesh and me on 42.

The photo came from a couple taken at the Institution and Induction service of Charles Jefferson as the new Rector for Thrapston, Denford and Islip, that was on Tuesday so they are very recent. Here is another:


Left to right: Arthur (Baptist), Brian (Catholic), Charles (CoE), Dave (the tall, slim Methodist!)

12 thoughts on “The new shorter and tubbier Dave

  1. Rachel

    Hello – what’s going on – isn’t this Dave’s sight – Dave – where are you? ;)
    Yes, somehow this is a different person. It will take me a while to adjust but soon that picture will stick.
    I would like to declare now – I am only 5 ft 1 – yep – that’s all – just 5 ft 1 – you’ve made me wonder how I’m perceived.

  2. Olive Morgan

    Thanks, Dave! A much better photo – but i fancy you have added a bit of weight since the bloggers’ meeting in Birmingham. At least i can recognise you now.

  3. Dave Warnock

    H’mm I don’t think I have, at least it won’t be very much. I have been constant-ish for quite a while – just about 10 to 15kg more than I would like.

  4. dave perry

    Hi Dave, shorter and tubbier maybe, but no less readable and enthusiastic. I look forward to meeting the real thing someday!
    So now I guess I will have to ditch the bandana and put up a more respectable photo on my blog too. Pity, the ribbing I get for it is good fun. Then again, I could always Photoshop myself into the shape, form and likeness of the ‘ideal minister’; now what would that look like I wonder?
    love and peace, Dave P

  5. Dave Warnock

    “I could always Photoshop myself into the shape, form and likeness of the ‘ideal minister’; now what would that look like I wonder?”
    We could always ask Dave Faulkner to extend his sabbatical research from personality types to physical types. Or you could just put a picture of me up – I am sure it is close to perfection :-)

  6. Michaela

    In the midst of all this celebration of the fact that each of the Dave’s mentioned (and all other commentators) are made in the image of God – I’m interested in the effect of meeting blog friends in the flesh! Richard (Connexions) and I agreed a while ago that it would be good to have any Methobloggers who are at or near Methodist Conference get together over coffee or lunch this year. What do you reckon? Any takers?

  7. Sally

    Hmm, that has got me thinking about my blog photograph, yes it is out of date, and yes I am carrying a few extra pounds- and trying to shed them, but there is more to the person….
    I’ver met a few bloggers IRL, but living in rural Norfolk makes meet ups difficult…
    who knows in the future, perhaps we should make name badges and learn to exercise real politeness when meeting the real thing!

  8. Olive Morgan

    Count me in, Michaela, at Conference please. Though I’m not a delegate,
    I shall be there for the whole week looking after the MET stand in the Exhibition.
    I guess my photo needs an update, too, to take in my white hair!


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