The future of homes and the environment

Great article in Telegraph | Property | The fond farewells to four wheels on new homes with no cars allowed (via Velorution). In a very timely fashion Dave Walker has this:

cartoon from

Cartoon by Dave Walker. Find more cartoons you can freely re-use on your blog at We Blog Cartoons.

Dave also points us to Exigency In Specie: ‘Christianity, Christians and the Environment’ which reminds us of the huge enviromental cost of what we do:

Lastly he looked at ways that we both personally, and as a Church can
help. He showed examples of the amounts of Carbon Dioxide produced by
various activities, for example that the amount of carbon dioxide
produced by a flight to Greece for a family holiday is equivalent to
all the carbon dioxide produced by all the car journeys the average
family undertakes in a year. He also showed the cost of our modern
ability to get produce in our supermarkets from around the world – the
amount of carbon dioxide produced to air freight 1kg of perishable
fruit and veg to the UK is 6kg – whilst transporting 1kg of UK produced
produce is 0.002kg.

The "he" is "Revd Professor Ian James, who in his day job is a professor of Meteorology at Reading University, but is also a non-stipendary priest".

For lots of links on this type of subject see Richards Blog the Green Stuff Category

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