Time to give

OK time for everyone to cough up real money.

I want your money!

On May 2nd to May 4th I will be riding the Coast to Coast Ride for Christians Against Poverty.

This is 135 tough miles in 3 days.

I am collecting sponsorship at justgiving.com/davewarnock my initial target is £500 and all that £500 is for Christians Against Poverty. I will be paying all the costs (transport, food, accommodation etc) so that every pound of sponsorship goes directly to Christians Against Poverty.

I think the work of Christians against poverty is vital and essential I want your support to help them help even more people whose lives are being destroyed by debt.

So get over to justgiving.com/davewarnock and give! Now! Move that sponsorship off zero quick with some big numbers :-)

By the way you can see what else I have written about Christians Against Poverty via a google search of 42 here.

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