Todays challenges

So today there were three key items.

First was my 1st wedding. The service went OK, no significant problems and all seemed to be going well. Then it came to signing the register. I had been through the book of instructions carefully and I had taken everything, we had tested the pen beforehand – all was ready. So then the pen kept getting blocked, at one point it managed only 4 words before needing refilling. Definitely the stuff of nightmares. It took ages. I hate forms at the best of times. I will have to look for some advice on what can be done legally to speed up this process (3 forms to fill in, no mistakes allowed, no overwriting allowed, …).

Second was a funeral visit. A was half the age of the youngest person that I have taken a funeral service for up to now. So a difficult visit.

Third was quite different.  We showed the film "Chocolat" at home tonight to a group of 7 with chocolate to eat and drink as well as to watch. A good discussion afterwards too, with several items that we will follow up in other ways.

Oh and fitting in some preparation for 5 services on Sunday, 1 tomorrow (Thu) and a march on Friday. Tomorrow some urgent visiting and attending Womens Own before the Maunday Thursday communion with foot washing.

3 thoughts on “Todays challenges

  1. 42

    2nd Wedding

    Just home from my 2nd wedding. That makes an average of one every 6.5 months which I can just about live with :-) Definitely the most stressful thing I do as a minister. See 42: Todays challenges for the problems


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